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There are many extremely helpful resources to guide and educate investors in a desirable direction.  However, if you are seeking personal guidance and financial advice, Kimberlee Sipe CRPC® or

Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM, Financial Advisor and Owner of InSight Investment Planning believes investors should realize: 



"Personal advice does not come in a box".

  • The person on the other end of an 800 number cannot offer advice to you personally about other accounts, situtions, scenatios or tax strategies. 
  • Advice is not personal when taken from a television show.  The comments might be helpful but may not apply to your situation entirely or exactly.
  • The TV personality is probably not (or no longer) registered with FINRA. Brokercheck.FINRA.org  This means there is no accountability on their end if you take the advice, apply it personally to your situation and it was not the right path.  Or, check out your current advisor or someone you are thinking about working with to see if they have the appropriate registrations to assist you fully.
  • Advice is not catered to the individual through mass media.  Pay attention to what companies are recommended in an article that your read online or in print, they might be the very next ad you see. 
  • Individual, specific advice is only achievable through personal relationships between a financial professional that knows you and your situation first-hand.


If you believe you should understand your investment strategy, how to read your statements and should have a comprehensive financial roadmap, contact Kimberlee for a complementary analysis today!


Why Partner with InSight Investment Planning?

With an ever-changing economy, there are always new financial situations with which to be concerned.  How does public policy affect your retirement? Will you out live your savings?  Will you get the returns and yields needed for income?  Are you investing aggressively enough?  When is the next bubble or correction?  Do I trust who is keeping an eye on my savings?  Am I overwhelmed managing my own investments?


Just as the market changes, so should a custom financial plan and advice. 


Day-trading (and competing against "robo-traders") in your retirement account is not a plan. 


Strategies of the past may not be effective in today's market conditions.  InSight Investment Planning is committed to developing solutions that target today's needs, yet with flexibility for future unknowns and suprises.  Financial Advisor, Kimberlee Sipe helps her clients implement a comprehensive financial plan competently, responsibly and confidently.  Personal investment advice is what everyone wants and deserves, no matter your financial situation.

Your financial plan should be explained to you without financial jargon, without a sales pitch and without pressure to make changes that do not benefit you.  Are you currently being educated and provided with a financial direction you understand and one that does not leave you scratching your head?

InSight Investment Planning, Inc. is proud to partner with Susan Whitfield, CPA, Certified Financial PlannerTM or CFP®.  Ms. Whitfield is the owner of Ballantyne Tax & Financial, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina.  How your investments are affected or how they affect your tax situation, can be confusing at best.  A cohesive Advisor/CPA relationship benefits the client even more!



InSight Investment Planning process and services focus on providing sound and personalized financial advice for businesses owners, nonprofits and individuals.  Taking an integrated, total planning approach that considers what is most prudent and beneficial for that client.



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